BRIMFIELD -- Police Chief David Oliver is wondering who left a deaf puppy on the side of the road in a cardboard box.

Thanks to the Brimfield Police Department, Cara is getting a second chance.

According to a lengthy Facebook posting by the chief of police, the dog was found Saturday.

Chief Oliver wasn't shy about calling out the person who abandoned the puppy.

"I will say that I can tell a person's character pretty well by seeing how they treat animals," Chief Oliver said in his Facebook post. "Whoever did this lacks character, period. It was mopey behavior."

Oliver originally left a vague post about the puppy, hoping someone with information about the dog would come forward.

"We would like to find the person who decided it was a good idea to dump this little puppy," said Oliver. "I would like to have a 'Chiefly' talk with them."

Caradoes have a right leg injury and is being taken care of by One of a Kind Pets in Akron,Ohio.

She will be up for adoption aroundFebruary.Cara has to go through a two-week vetting and quarantine process.

Chief Oliver has made an offer to the person who may have abandoned the dog.

"If you are the person who dropped this puppy off, I am willing to speak with you about your error in judgement -- if you call first," he said. "If we have to find you, the time for talking will be with a judge."

If police find the person who dropped of Cara, they will face animal cruelty charges.

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