PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP -- Sheriff's deputies have charged a man, 30, and a woman, 19,with burglary after they pawned items they had allegedly stolen at various Lake County pawn shops and "cash for gold" shops.

Lt. Carl Dondorfer detailed the facts.

On Thursday,the Lake County Sheriff's Office was called and deputies went to anArlington Avenue home in Painesville Township.

The person callingtold deputies thathe had been asked by two people to pawn some stolen property which, according to the caller, was taken from a home which was recently burglarized.

After an investigation, it was confirmed thatScott Stasienko, 30, andhisgirlfriend, Josie Sidoti, 19, both of Painesville Township,had pawned or sold several articles of property at various pawn and "cash for gold shops" in the Lake County area.

The property included a firearm, World War II memorabilia, knives, jewelry, collector coins, an antique typewriter and a bank check.

Deputies determined thatthe home which was forcibly entered by Stasienko with Sidot's assistance was his parents' home onOverlook Drive in Painesville Township.

Stasienko was arrested Jan. 11 on an unrelated domestic violence charge and was, subsequently, charged with burglary.

Sidoti was located and arrested Monday and wascharged with burglary.

Other charges may be filed.

Several articles ofstolen property were also recovered during the course of this investigation