CLEVELAND -- When the Browns make a move, social media typically ignites in a blaze of buzz -- and Tuesday's official renaming of the stadium was no exception.

After it was revealed that Cleveland Browns Stadium would now be known as FirstEnergy Stadium: Home of the Cleveland Browns, football fans unleashed their thoughts on ourWKYC Facebook page -- many turned off by the new name.

Read some of those comments below:

Randy: I like the old name better.

David: Power Outage Stadium!


Darrell: I wish it could have been agreed to be "FirstEnergy Field at Cleveland Browns Stadium." I think FirstEnergy will just pass on the cost to customers, hiding the fees, a la, the way they were giving every home two "free" energy saving light bulbs. Remember that?

Dennis: Paul Brown just rolled over in his grave.

Bill: WHY IS EVERYBODY SO UPSET??? Baseball and basketball venues also paid for with tax dollars, nobody has a problem with Jacobs Field, Progressive Field or Quicken Loans Arena. And the Browns are the least productive team since 1999, tickets are among the least expensive in the NFL, Browns "fans" need to wake up and smell the coffee, be grateful the Browns are back.

Kenny: I have no problem with the name. The fans need to calm down about the name change.

Jason: "FirstEnergy Blackout of 2003 stadium."

Donna: Who cares, it's a building.

John: Dumbest name in the league now.

Amanda: What a sad day in Cleveland. Leave the name as it is!

Alison: Who cares, it's not like it is going to make them a better team!

Dani: So this is the reason they keep jacking up their prices? Change the name back to Cleveland Stadium and stop raising my rates.

Joe: Well it's good to see the company can afford that, now what about an increase in my pension FE?

Eric: Will call it Browns Stadium, just like I still call Progressive the JAKE.

Donald: Doesn't make a difference what they name will always refer to it as Browns Stadium.

Karen: We need some kind of energy in that lifeless stadium.

Victor: LIKE!!!

Mary: HATE IT!!! Would've called it BROWNS STADIUM!!! It's not a power company.

Laurie: Home of the two-year coaches.

Dawn: I'm underwhelmed. The brainstorming session must have been a whole five minutes.

Tammy: I don't like it! That is like a kick in the gut.


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