A former Cleveland State soccer star has his eyes set on making it to the majors.

Brad Stuver, who recently wrapped up four years at CSU, was one of just 54 players invited to attend the Major League Soccer combine this pastweekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Stuver is hoping he makes an impression good enough to be drafted by an MLS team this Thursday at the MLS SuperDraft in Indianapolis, Indiana.

"I don't know any other lifestyle but this," Stuver says. "Being on the soccer field is just the best feeling in the world. Training, coaching, whatever it is, as long as I have a ball at my feet and I'm diving around, it's a great day."

Stuver has traveled to Seattle and Montreal to train with Major League Soccer teams.

Denny Ciornei, his goalie coach, has been working with Stuver to help push him toward success.

"His goal was always to go pro, but at the end of the day it's about how bad you want to chase your dream and believe," Denny Ciornei, Stuver's goalie coach says. "It's a small number of people that will support you because most will think you're crazy."