CLEVELAND -- The details of the deal between The Cleveland Browns organization and FirstEnergy for naming rights of the stadium weren't made public.

While Browns fans and FirstEnergy customers may never know how much the deal is worth, they all want to know, will this agreement cost them?

Gail Lipinski-Lorenzo is store manager at "A Shade Better" in Westlake. She and the owners do their best to keep costs low.

So, when the electric company makes a big investment, like re-naming Browns Stadium, she is curious -- will the cost will be passed on to customers?

"We're watching our pennies at the grocery stores, at the gas pump. We don't need another increase in our electric," says Lipinski-Lorenzo.

FirstEnergy Executives dodged the question at the press conference.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio says, no, they can't, because -- "When advertising does not provide a direct benefit to customers, the Commission has previously ruled that those expenses should not be recovered in rates."