CLEVELAND -- On the same day the Browns announced a deal to rename their home as FirstEnergy Stadium, new owner Jimmy Haslam fielded a number of other questions regarding changes that may or may not be on the horizon for the team and fans.

Haslam says he is excited about a Northeast Ohio company purchasing naming rights to the stadium.He says the money from the naming rights deal with FirstEnergy will be used to help make the team more competitive and improvements for fans.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but WKYC's Jim Donovan confirms the deal is for 20 years.

As far as other changes to the stadium, Haslam said all aspects are under review.He says the number one job of newly appointed President Alec Scheiner will be to improve the game day experience for fans.

On other subjects:

New field?

Haslam said, "I think it's to be determined. I want to be real careful there because there are strong feelings. Some people are real pro artificial surface, some people are real pro grass. We're gonna take a look at everything but please don't ready anything into that. Honestly, no decision has been made."

Uniform changes?

Haslam said, "It's a two-year process in the NFL. We've notified the NFL that we'd like to take a look at our uniforms and so if we do make any changes it will be for the 2014 season. ... Write this down, we're not touching the helmets."

Stadium roof possibility?

According to Haslam, "It hasn't really changed any. You know we've been busy lately with all the changes we made. It's the same. We're going to bring in 3 or 4 of the top architects in the country. ... When they narrow it down and get their ideas, we will sit down together and figure out what we want to do. The architects will be in in the next 30 days to begin that process. It's a process and it will take some time. These are big, expensive facilities."


"No." (laughs)