Today WKYC launched a brand new on-air look for Channel 3 News. One of the exciting new features of this new graphics package is that we are now utilizing the full 16:9 widescreen space available to give viewers more information about the stories they are watching.

For some viewers, this new design may look like their TV set is cutting off some of the words on the screen. On our old graphics, much of the content was protected for viewers who were still center-cutting their picture. For example, they may have not seen the rundown at all.

While we have been broadcasting in Letter-boxed (widescreen 16:9) for some time, there may be viewers who have their TVs set to the wrong aspect ratio.With the new graphics package, having their TV in the wrong aspect will be much more obvious on the new graphics as large amounts of text and information will be cut off. In the vast majority of cases this is simply a matter of switching their TV to the correct format.

If you are experiencing this problem, please refer to the picture included with this story. It showcases many common remotes and the button you would need to push to make sure your TV is properly formatted for our new look.

There is also a possibility that your cable or satellite provider is not providing you our signal in a 16:9 letterbox format, which is how we are distributing it to them

If this is the case or you are having problems with your remote, please email uswith the information listed below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you find a solution.

-City and Area

-Service Provider (IE: Over the air antenna, Comcast Cable, etc)?

-Make and (if possible) Model of TV?

-New HDTV or older 4:3 Tube TV?

-SD or HD?

-If possible, a picture of what you are seeing on their TV.

-Contact info if the wish to give it out.