MENTOR, Ohio--They've battled countless fires, but this one is not the norm.

Mentor firefighters spent Tuesday afternoon battling a house fire on Orchard Avenue, during some of the coldest temperatures of the season. The air temperature was 8 degrees Fahrenheit, but the wind chill made it feel like 10 below.

A wet, minus 10 degrees, that is.

"We've already had some of our equipment frozen to the ground," said Nathan Peters, a firefighter paramedic for Mentor Fire and Rescue. "One of the big things, is that we're always playing with water, and when you look at it, we're getting wet."

Working in extreme cold takes extreme caution.From constant salting of puddles, to having three times as many crews on the scene.

"We call for extra help so that we can rotate our people and no one is standing out here freezing for any length of time," said Battalion Chief Kevin Edmund.

Neighboring Painesville City Fire Department brought in a bus, in which rotating firefighters could warm up and thaw out. Because don't let their fire coats and gear fool you.

"A lot of people look at us, and say oh, you have all that warm stuff on," said Peters. "Well, this gear is actually designed to get rid of heat, to protect us from the fire, to keep us cool from fire, not keep us warm."

No one was home when the fire started, from what firefighters believe, was something accidentally left on the stove. No one was hurt, but the home is a total loss.