CLEVELAND -- The city's safety director says aSnow Emergency parking ban issued on Tuesday remains in effect for the city.

As a result, stopping and parking of vehicles will be restricted and prohibited on city streets posted with red and white signs until further notice.

The city has 46 crews and six road graders out to clear the streets.The crews are working 24/7

Police will be out enforcing the parking ban.

In addition the City of Cleveland recommends:

  • Park off-street whenever possible to give snow plows the ability to plow streets curb-to-curb.
  • Stay off the streets as much as possible for their own personal safety and to allow snow plows greater access to the city's roadways.
  • If you must travel, use caution and remember not to "block the box" at intersections.
  • Residents with snow removal concerns should call (216) 664-2510.