LAKE COUNTY -- Lake County drivers spent hours on Interstate 90 Wednesday after accidents and near whiteout weather conditionsclosed both the eastbound and westbound lanes for hours.

WKYC-'s John Anderson will give you an overview and WKYC's Dick Russ talked to some of the drivers, many of whom spent up to five hours stuck in their cars.

"I filled up, thankfully," sighed Denise Davis, who was stuck in a line of traffic that seemed endless. "Actually, I had my little kit with the candles and blanket and pillows, all those little things they tell us to get. I always pack and prepare ahead of time. I had some food."

Steven Pugh was in an SUV, driving two passengers on business from Buffalo to Toledo. They made it as far as the multi-mile backup in the westbound lanes of I-90, just before the Route 44 exit.

"I stopped. Everybody else stopped," he said with a hint of frustration."I dont know why the cars behind me didn't stop. But it was slick. It was slick."

Pugh vehicle wasrear-ended and disabled to the point it had to be towed. He spent an unexpected 7 hours in Lake County.

"I came to a stop, I slid a little bit but I was keeping a good distance. I know these conditions and I drive here all the time. It was just a bad thing."

Christopher Quinn and Brian Walters were in a 1999 Volvo which was crushed between two semis on westbound I-90, near the Route 44 exit.

"It was so icy on the bridge that we spun out of control and hit the guardrail, fortunately not hitting any other vehicles," Quinn said,"and ended upfacing eastbound in the westbound lanes."

Walters continued their harrowing story.

"We got slammed by two semis, and as they broke apart, we were like a Plinko chip between both of the trucks. We were getting beat back and forth, and one truck ended up right on top of us."

Their car was crushed but both men walked away unscathed. Walters said the truck driver suffered a serious leg injury.

"I sure hope he's alright," Walterssaid, "hewas holding my hand as they were taking him out of the truck. He wouldn't let go."