AKRON-- With Doug Prade released from prison, it's been a difficult day for those who loved Margo Prade.

"I never thought that this day would come, I didn't think that he was ever going to get out of jail," said Kenya Prade, their daughter.

Kenya hadn't heard her dad's voice in more than a decade, but Tuesday at home in Atlanta, she took his call.

"I was crying, he was crying, it was exciting," she said, through a Skype interview with WKYC.

When Douglas Prade went to prison in 1998 for the murder of his ex-wife Margo, 12-year-old Kenya lost both parents. Tuesday, she got one back.

"High school prom, and college graduation. When I had a baby, you know. Just not having him there or my mom there is been really hard," she said.

Other family members don't trust new evidence surrounding what really happened to a woman who helped and healed others.

"I'm glad that he's going to be out for a minute, but I just hope they turn him back around and take him right back," said Veronica Sadler, the sister of Margo Prade.

Sadler is hoping prosecutors get their way, meaning her one time brother-in-law goes back behind bars awaiting a new trial.

"I don't hate him or anything. I don't carry feelings like that. I just wish that he had told the truth. I could be more understanding if you told me, you got angry and you shot my sister," she said. "But then you're going to try to cover it up, and all the stuff that you've done."

Sadler says she knows the truth; the Prades' daughter is filled with questions.

"I'm definitely excited, I'm definitely happy but you know, the other thing is that, if he didn't do it, then you know, somebody else did, and I would like to know who," said Kenya Prade.