LAKEWOOD -- The Asia Dream School is making the American dream come true for hundreds of students.

They have come here in search of a better life, but often struggle with the language and feel socially isolated.

John Carroll students recently evaluated a local program that helps recent refugees adapt to life in the US.

"We found the program was very successful," says Dr. Penny Harris, chair of JCU Sociology Department.

JCU students interviewed parents, teachers and students who have experience with the Dream School. They foundthat students language proficiency and test scores improved. Also, they found the school helped students build friendships and feel less isolated.

"They are coming from war-torn countries, some have seen family members murdered or raped, they've been through trauma which we try to help them through," says Michael Byun, Executive Director of Asian Services In Action.

Asian Services in Action works with over 10,000 families in Northeast Ohioto provide social services to help with their transition to a new country.