CLEVELAND -- From record highs to plummeting lows, Northeast Ohio's weather rollercoaster continues.

Despite the wind and rain, some were celebrating the warm up today.

On Wednesday, walking the dog wasn't as much of a chore.

Sean Hearns and Lauren Kendig took pup, Ronan, for a walk in shorts and flip flops.

"It won't happen tomorrow so might as well have them on today," said Hearns.

For every flip flop our crews saw, there was a fur collar. We found bare legs and winter jackets, sometimes on the same guy.

"I really liked having the 60-degree weather, wearing shorts for once. Not looking forward to tomorrow," said Case Western Reserve University student Anna Dixon.

"I'd rather be warm, cozy, a little hot sometimes, but I'd rather not catch a cold," said Charlena Mason,

The five day forecast is popping up on a new tee from the GV Art + Design, showing a Saturday at 72 degrees and a Tuesday at 14.

"I saw all the people in t-shirts, and I was overdressed...I had a winter coat on still and I was burning up," said Katie Kleimberg.

The wacky weather sent those missing the ice on the streets to search for it in a bowl.

"Feels like spring to me, before tomorrow, before the storm comes in," said Reshma Kumar, who enjoyed some Mitchell's Ice Cream.

"Cold weather is supposed to be coming back, so bundle up again," said Mason.