NORTHEAST OHIO -- General Electric has announced it intends to close lighting plants in Warren and Ravenna, a move that could impact 360 Ohio families.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is calling on GE to seek alternatives to closing the plants by bringing new investments to the facilities.

"Recently, GE has made headlines through its reshoring initiatives that have brought manufacturing jobs back to the United States," Brown said. "GE can build on this success by bringing new lighting production to the Warren and Ravenna facilities."

Last week, GE announced its intent to close both Ohio plants. Citing declining demand at the facilities, the company stated that a final decision will be made within 60 days.

Below is a copy of Sen. Brown's letter to GE CEO Maryrose Sylvester

It has come to my attention that General Electric (GE) recently announced its intention to close both the Ohio Lamp plant in Warren, Ohio, and the Ravenna Lamp plant in Ravenna, Ohio. On behalf of more than 360 Ohio workers, I ask that you reconsider these plans.

GE has been a leader in the lighting industry for more than a century. Throughout this time Ohio and its workers have contributed greatly to the company's success. It is in this spirit that I urge you to carefully consider alternatives to closing both the Warren and Ravenna facilities. Instead, I urge you to seek ways to bring new investment and production into these plants.

Recently, GE's reshoring initiatives have made headlines because of the company's decisions to bring some of its manufacturing back to the United States. GE can build on this success by bringing new lighting production to the Warren and Ravenna facilities. GE could enhance its Ohio lighting portfolio while also capitalizing on the great assets that Ohio workers have to offer. The workers in Warren and Ravenna are second to none in quality, productivity and efficiency, and they have demonstrated time after time their commitment to the company. I am confident that if given the opportunity, the Ohio workers could smoothly transition towards making the next generation of energy efficient lighting products.

I urge you to consider options that would bring new investment into the Ohio lighting plants instead of shutting their doors and sending hundreds of hardworking Ohioans to the unemployment line. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly, as I stand ready to help GE bring new investment into Ohio and create jobs for hardworking Ohioans.