Los Angeles -- Ry'Shonda Fields and her 4 children (Darriel (16), Jalen (8), Corey & Chloe (7-year-old twins) are huge Ellen fans and watch the Ellen Degeneres show every day as a way to stay positive since Ry'shonda lost her teaching job due to the recent budget cuts.

Ellen caught wind of the fields' story when Ry'Shonda wrote(see letter below) in about her "Ghost Angel," Ms. Diane Tobly. Three year's ago, Ms Tobly came into Ry'Shonda's life when she went to the local rotary club for help during the holidays. Ry'Shonda is a single Mom raising four kids without a job, and wanted to give her kids a happy Christmas. Ms. Tobly noticed Ry'Shonda and took her under her wing, and on her own dime, went out that Christmas and bought the entire family gifts for Christmas. Every year since, Ms. Tobly has reached out to Ry'Shonda to help her provide a "Merry' Christmas for her family. Ry'Shonda was so blessed to have Ms. Tobly in her life that she wrote Ellen to tell her about the generous Ms. Tobly to ask Ellen how she could help her recognize Ms. Tobly.

Ellen was so impressed that Ry'Shonda, who needed the help, wanted to help and reward the woman who had made Christmas "merry" for them the last three years. Ellen asked the producers to find out more about Ry'Shonda, and what she discovered was that Ry'Shonda grew up with nothing on the West side of Chicago, and has since put herself through college, graduated at the top of her class, all while raising four amazing kids. Ellen thought that both Ry'Shonda and Ms. Tobly needed to be recognized. Ellen had her producers fly Ry'Shonda and her family out to the show, what Ry'Shonda didn't know was that Ms. Tobly was going to show up and surprise everyone.

According to the show's producers, the segment turned out to be one of the best, emotion-evoking segments they have had on thier show in a LONG, LONG time. Ellen rewarded Ms. Tobly with a trip to Jamaica, and gave Ry'Shonda $5,000 to help pay bills, and $10,000 to all five of them (Ry'Shonda to finish her masters, and $10,000 to each child to help pay for college). That's a total of $55,000 thanks to Shutterfly. When Ellen called out the kids to join them on the couch - there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Then - at the end of the segment - one of the 7 year-old twins, tears and all stood up and hugged Ellen.

Another note in the story - is Ellen's call-out to the school district on Xenia, OH to please hire Ry'Shonda, not only is she a good person, she's a top student and should be considered for a full time position. If anyone is interested in hiring Ry'Shonda, please go to


for information on how to contact her.

Below is Ry'Shonda's email to Ellen:

Hi Ellen, I'm writing because I'm a single parent of four (16,8&twins7) Ellen I could give you a list of struggles but NO!Because through it all my goal was to take my kids out poverty and show them a better life,I've set out to do so and have lightly succeeded. The past 2 yrs have been what I feel to be hell, sometimes I want to throw in the towel. I have a B.S.in Health Education and was Teaching. Life was good, things were looking up, I could provide without feeling like just another statistic in society. I've missed out on many milestones (thanks God for pictures), but I felt good about myself. Due to Job cuts I'm without work, I've had to give my car back to the bank and bills are past piling up. But Ellen GOD sent my family an Angel Named Diane Tolby, she has for past two yrs provided my kids a Christmas, even though I've declined. When she called this yr. for the kids x-mas list I told her about my car situation & that x-mas was not even a factor, Mrs. T unselfly brought me a used car, that went out the next day. She wasted no time trying to get another used car. No one has ever done anything like this for me before. I thought this only happens on The Ellen Show. Ellen please help me show my appreciation. She deserves it(tears)