Fritz Graf manned the sidelines of NFL games as an official for 24 years. His peers named him one of the best.

How good was he? He worked four Super Bowls.

"Five, 13, 15 and 18, those were my four Super Bowls," says Fritz, now 90 years old.

He says there was added pressure during the Super Bowls to get the call right.

"Just like a player doesn't want to miss a tackle or miss a block, you want to do your best at all times," he explains.

But his favorite game, he says, wasn't a Super Bowl. It was the famed Ice Bowl at Lambeau Field, the 1967 NFL Championship that decided who went to the first Super Bowl.

He says the 16-below temperatures caused his whistle to stick to his lips.

"At halftime, we taped the whistles up, so it didn't stick to our lips," he says.

The whistle he used that game is now on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, though Fritz says the best honor he's had occurred off the gridiron.

Along with his late wife, Rita, Fritz raised 10 children, all of whom, heproudly boasts,graduated from college.

His family shares his love for the gridiron, and Fritz says that, come Sunday, he'll no doubt be watching this year's Super Bowl with them.