CLEVELAND --Mooney Principal Brynn Morgan can be tough.

It's her job to see that Mooney's 500 kids improve on the Ohio Achievement Tests. On the last released state report card, the school was in Academic Emergency, graded an "F."

The principal and teachers pour over data to figure out what areas their students are weakest in and how they can help them.

They have an after-school tutoring program called Reading Together. The federally- funded program matches up 8th grade tutors with third graders.

All the students are selected because they need a little more reading practice.

Despite all the challenges here, there are signs of real progress, from parents' involvement,to tests in December that showed gains in almost every category. So now Mooney's principal shares those scores with her students.

"That's what I want to see in the spring. Can you do it? Yes, be confident, yes you can," says Morgan, to one of her students.

Confidence is something they are working on too, as the kids need to believe -- believe that better days are ahead for Mooney.

"We are a wonderful school. Here my staff is fantastic. My students? I would notchange it for anything," says Morgan.

The school district is still under investigation for attendance irregularities, but it is believes that, when the next report card is released, this school will have a "C" or Continuous Improvement, and they hope it will climb even more by the end of the year.

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