CLEVELAND -- The Attorney General's investigation found no weapons and no conclusive evidence to prove either Malissa Williams nor Timothy Russell fired at the pursuing officers.

You could argue all police really had to fear were themselves.

So what was it that caused 13 officers to shoot so many times? We hear the reasons in their own words.

After a 22-minute chase, pursuing officers told investigators they arrived on the scene with the idea one or both suspects were armed , pointed weapons during the chase and fired a gun to start it.

Officer Wilfredo Diaz told investigators the passenger reached toward something, produced what he perceived as a gun.

Officer Scott Sistek feared he would be struck by the suspect's vehicle.

Det. William Salupo heard gunfire and saw Sistek go to the ground, believing he had been run over.

Officer Cynthia Moore, believing the subjects were firing at her, returned fire through the windshield of her cruiser.

Partner, Officer Michael Brelo said, "I've never been so afraid in my life." He climbed on top of cruiser CPD 238 and fired downward through the windshield.

Officer Brian Sabolik thought he was in the suspects' line of fire. He shot two rounds.

Officer Michael Farley described the scene as "the scariest thing that I've seen in my whole life."

Officer Randy Patrick was taking fire. He got up and let some rounds off.

Officer Paul Box said, "it was a major shootout." Something hit Officer Box in the vest. He felt it but thought it might be a ricochet.

Detective Michael Rinkus believed he saw an officer fall.

Detective Michael Demchak believed the suspects were wearing bulletproof vests. He thought to himself, "The battle was on. These guys were shooting it out."

Partner detective Erin O'Donell thought the driver was shooting and the passenger reloading.

And detective Christopher Ereg said someone wason the radio saying, "they're shooting at us or shooting at officers."

Attorney General Mike DeWine acknowledged the difficulty for police to make life-and-death decisions in real time.

After interviewing the officers involved, DeWine says he is certain each was convinced they were being fired on by the suspects.