Two women have been sentenced for their role in attempting tohelp the man who shot and killed a Twinsburg police officer in 2008.

The girlfriend of Ashford Thompson, Danielle Roberson, has been sentenced to six months house arrest and given two years probation. She was with Thompson the night of July 13, 2008 when he shot Officer Josh Miktarian to deathwith the officer's gun after being pulled over for loud music.

The two then fled to Thompson's sister's home in Bedford Heights where Roberson attempted to remove the handcuffs Miktarian had placed on Thompson and the sister, Bridget Robinson, tamperedwith the gun used in the shooting. Both also lied to police regarding Thompson.

The sister, Bridget Robinson, has been sentenced to two years probation.

Roberson and Robinson were arrested on May 1, 2012. They each pleaded guilty to attempted obstruction of justice in January.

Ashford Thompson was convicted in 2010 and is currently on death row for the murder of Officer Miktarian. He is appealing.

Officer Miktarian left behind a wife and an infant daughter at the time of his death. His wife, Holly, a former Oakwood police officer addressed the court before sentencing for Roberson and Robinson.

In a tearful statement in a courtroom filled with fellow-officers, she detailed how the women's actions destroyed both her life and that of her daughter.Speaking of Danielle Roberson she said: "Ultimately I blame you for distracting my husband. he was in the middle of an arrest doing his job. You got out of that car and you distracted him. That is how Ashford Thompson was able to shoot his gun. I solely blame you and believe with all my heart that you are the reason my husband missed Ashford going for his gun."

Miktarian told the court she also blamed Roberson for not attempting to help her husband after he was shot.

Roberson apologized in court and offered condolences toMiktarian. Turning to speak directly to her she said, "If I could back and change that night, I would. But I had nothing to do with it and I'm sorry it happened."

After the sentencing, Miktarian told the media she didn't accept Roberson's apology. She also said she was satisfied with the sentence. "It was important for me ... for the public to see no matter what part you play in the murder of a human being or a police officer, it's not going to be taken lightly."

You can watch Holly Miktarian's entire statement before the court in the player.