Special edition of 3 on 3: What's the next chapter for Cleveland police?

On Tuesday,the State Attorney General said a "systematic failure" helped lead to a 60-car police chase and ensuing gunfire that killed driver Timothy Russell and passenger Malissa Williams and put the lives of dozens of officers at risk.

Mike DeWine said "Command failed, communication failed, the system failed." No more than three cars should've been involved in the pursuit and with the back and forth gunfire between police, the county prosecutor says it's a miracle no officers were hit by friendly fire.

City leaders say their policies are sound. Thepolice chief is saying the question here is: Did officers follow protocol?

There was no conclusive proof that the two who began the chase, who were high on crack, who refused to pull over -- and died as a result, ever had a gun.

Joining us Wednesday areCleveland Heights City Councilwoman Cheryl Stevens, attorney Andrew Samtoy and Bob Frantz of WTAM-1100.