CLEVELAND -- For two weeks, we spent time at Charles Mooney School in Cleveland. We were there as more than a dozen district officials showed up to evaluate it.

This year the district is walking through buildings to inspect classrooms, building atmosphere and teaching methods.

After they evaluate the classrooms and record their impressions, they tell the principal what they found.

For first-year Principal Brynn Morgan, it was a day of nerves, but the results were positive.

The team found some areas lacking but the school that used to be a low-performing school -- did well during the walk-thru.

"You could just feel the warmth, students were engaged and teachers were teaching, " said Academic Superintendent Donald Jolly.

"This was a big win for us," said Brynn Morgan.

The school's last official report card was Academic Emergency, but preliminary and not officially released results from 2011-2012 show the school in Continuous Improvement.

Morgan hopes to improve even more when the 2012-2013 report card comes out. The 2011-2012 state report card is not officially released because the auditor is investigating attendance irregularities.