CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association is calling on Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath to resign.

The move comes one day after Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine released a report on the investigationinto a deadly police chase and shooting last November that left two people dead.

DeWine's report faulted a "systemic failure" of the Cleveland Police Department's command and communications fo allowing the chase and shooting which followed to get out of hand.

In a written statement read at an afternoon news conference, CPPA President Jeff Follmer said thatdepartment "morale has been at an all-time low.After the events of Nov. 29, 2012, our membersno longer have the confidence in our chief's ability to lead which we are requesting for him to resign."

Follmer repeatedly said that the entire situation could have been avoided if the suspects would have simply stopped their vehicle.

Follmer concluded that police officers "did their job that day" and said that no disciplinary actionordemotions should come as a result.

"We weren't the bad guys," Follmer said. "We were the police. ...When we stop pursuing, the bad guys don't stop."

Earlier McGrath said, "The police officers they can have press conferfences. They can do whatever they want to do. But in their hearts 99 percent of police officers took this job to protect and give back to the community. I believe that's what most of them will do."

After the union press conference, Mayor Frank Jackson's spokeswoman said he is reaffirming his support for McGrath expressed Tuesday.