CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Police Union president says he's received hundreds of complaint emails and calls from the rank and file members.

He did not ask for a formal count but it was enough to compel a call for Chief Michael McGrath, the chief the last seven years,to resign.

Hours after the 62-car policechase that ended with 137 bullets fired, killing Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, Police Chief Mike McGrath was visibly dismayed.

"All night long, I was thinking, 'why, why why did this happen,' but we will find out why "McGrath said last November.

It was a response, in the eyes of the rank and file, that seemed to prematurely point the finger at them.

"Take a step back. Wait till all the facts come in. Show a little support to the officers. Show a lot of support to the officers," CPPA President Jeff Follmer said.

Attorney General Mike DeWine pointing the finger at the command and communication, not the officers, after a two-month investigation, was all the encouragement officers needed to say this.

"Our members no longer have the confidence in our chief's ability to lead," Follmer said.

The Attorney General's opinion had no affect on the chief's boss.

"I have complete confidence in the chief. The chief is the chief and will continue to be the chief," Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said.

But it's having a dramatic effect on how police see their future under the current administration.

"I got officers right now second guessing because they don't feel like they are supported by the administration," Follmer said.

Wednesday morning, McGrath responded to this new attitude.

"In their hearts, 99 percent of them took this job to help people and give back to the community. I believe that's what they are going to do," Chief McGrath said.

The CPPA union president also says the panel investigating whether officers acted within police protocol is already saying some patrol members and supervisors involved in the chase will face suspension or termination.

That is even before the administrative review is complete.