NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio-- St. Richard School will be closed Thursday because of a flu outbreak among its 250 students and staff.

While school officials could not give an exact number, a high number of absences ledto the decision to close the school, so that maintenance crews can clean and disinfect all classrooms and hallways.

The K-8 grade school, located on Lorain Road, will resume classes on Friday.

"It's constant," saysShaker Heights parent Tanisha Walls, about trying to keep her young kids healthy. "Wash your hands before you eat, after you eat, after you go to the bathroom. It's just gotta be routine."

This season has been called the worst flu season in decades.According to the Ohio Health Department, 3,434Ohioans have been hospitalized for the flu, compared to just 111 at this timelast season.

Although health officials are currently seeing a downward trend in new cases, they warnthat there may be multiple peaks in one flu season.

Ten people in Cuyahoga County have died from the flu this season. Eight of them were elderly, who are consideredto be among the most vulnerableto the influenza virus.