AKRON, Ohio -- While leaders in Washington continue the discussion on gun control reform, the Akron Police Department hasstartedits ownprogram to collect illegal weapons.

In January alone, officers seized 70 illegal guns during traffic stops, arrests and with search warrants, according to Akron Police Chief James Nice.

That's added to the more than 1,200 guns seized in the last two years.Nice says to really make a differece againstgun violence, stricter penalties are needed against those who carryillegally.

"There is no message to the people carrying guns that something bad will happen," Nicesaid."Their friends all know when they come home that afternoon after being arrested with a loaded gun in the city in their waistbands, nothing happens. That is part of the problem."

He would like to see jail time for firearms offenses, which he says are Akron's most important crime problem.