The freeze and thaw of winter has certainly taken a toll on our city streets. Anywhere you drive, you'll notice deep potholes that can do damage to your car.

"They are hard to keep up with because we are only dedicating about seven crews to the potholes right now," says Michael Cox, Director of Public Works for the City of Cleveland.

He says they can't put any more crews on the roads because those are the same trucks that carry salt for snow removal.

"If we know there is a very dangerous pothole, we'll get out there and we'll put some asphalt in it," says Cox.

The City of Cleveland offers a reimbursement if you file a claim, but it comes with hurdles.

For example, the pothole has to have been previously reported within a "reasonable amount of time."

"Within 24 to 48 hours, we know that we can get out there," says Cox.

You have to show proof of insurance, get two estimates for cost of repair, have a police report or incident report and photographs of the damage.

If your car suffered damage on a city pothole, click here for a claim form for the city.