BROOK PARK -- They call it the Eco-Boost engine andit seems poised to give a big boost to Northeast Ohio's economy.

Ford Brook Park workers are voting on a deal that could bring almost 750 new jobs to Engine Plant 1 over the next few years.

All the jobs would be paid at top union scale.

The plant now makes engines used in Ford's strong-selling F-150 pick up trucks. Plans call to make a smaller version for Ford sedans.

"This engine is producing the most profitable part of Ford's line. That's a keystone investment going into the future, " said Dean Ned Hill, of Cleveland State's Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Hill projects that the 750 auto jobs could spin off an additional 2,100 jobs at parts suppliers and in jobs created by the additional spending at restaurants and stores.

"All that stuff together, you are going to get another 2,000 to 2,100 on top of 750," he said.

Local Ford dealers say the Brook Park connection is paying off for them.

Liberty Ford General Manager Dustin Peugeot said, "It makes people feel good to be buying something made in Brook Park. They know they are suporting the local economy that supports them."

The deal contains no concessions. Voting begins Monday.

Local 1250 President Mike Gammella predicts it will pass.

"Our people have a job in Cleveland for many years with the passage of this agreement," he said.

It's a reversal of the last several years which has seen a Casting Plant demolished and a second engine plant closed.

Hill says the revival of the auto industry and the growing natural gas and oil business mean a bright economic future for Northeast Ohio.

He says maximum natural gas production may be a couple years away.

"What we're seeing in the auto industry is now and that's excellent," he said.