CLEVELAND -- Police are searching for the shooter who killed a mother of five outside her home.

Family and friends of Valetta Martin held a vigil to honor the 45-year-old described as a sweet and giving person.

If the shooting death of Valetta Martin is a wake-up call, her best friend Terri West is the neighborhood alarm.

"She didn't bother nobody and you all take her out like that...that is not right, you all turn yourself in," West said.

Amesbury Rosalind apartments at Hough Avenue and East 93rd Street is a community of working poor. There are many single families facing the challenges of raising children on innercity streets and the violence that surrounds them.

"It does not matter who you are or where you are. You are always open to being violently violated," Pastor Wesley Lee. of Lee Memorial Church said.

Such was Valetta's murder. The mother of five was caught in a nearby crossfire Wednesday night as she walked to her apartment.

One of several bullets fired hit her in the chest.

"She was at home. It don't make no sense for this to happen, Martin's sister, Devonna Bey, said.

Moved by the outpouring of support from the community, Martin's sister and mother, who suffers from dementia, came from the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

"I could feel her still being on this earth and I wanted to say goodbye," Martin's mother, Gayle Martin, said.

The family was planning a surprise birthday party this Saturday. Instead, they'll plan her funeral.

"It's time come together, not pull apart, we've been going through this for so long," Bey said.

Martin's murder is the latest in a trail of tears that cuts straight through heart of this east side community. They pray for her. They pray for Valetta to be the last.

Cleveland Police say Martin was the innocent victim of a dispute in which she had no connection.

Investigators say they know it was a gun fight between two men. They escaped on foot before anyone could get a description of the suspects.