WASHINGTON, DC -- 16th District Congressman Jim Renacci has been assigned to the important House Ways and Means Committee.

Chairman, Michigan Congressman Dave Camp said, "Congressman Renacciy's background as a small business owner means he understands how policies written in Washington can affect the daily decisions a business makes about hiring investing and contributing to their local economy. That first-hand knowledge, along with his legislative experience makes him a valuable addition."

Renacci called the selection an "absolute honor."

"As a CPA and business owner, I have dealt firsthand with complexity of our tax code and its more than 4 million words. Both Congressional Republicans and Democrats-and even President Obama-agree we must reform our massive, confusing andinefficient system of taxation," he said.

The Ways and Means Committee is the longest-existing in both chambers of Congress. It's the committee dealing with tax-writing issues in the House.

Renacci joins Rep. Pat Tiberi as the Ohio members on the panel.

Prior to his election, Renacciy worked as CPA in the health care industry. He owned and ran more than 60 other companies in the automotive and sports management sectors.