CANTON -- An Ohio taxpayer is dismissing his lawsuit over a $5,000 court fine that Stark County Common Pleas Court Judge Frank Forchionedirected to the Connecticut community where 26 people were killed in a school shooting.

The taxpayer's attorney says he dismissed the suit Friday after Forchione had the money returned to Stark County.

Attorney Craig Conley had filed the suit, saying the law didn't allow Forchione to send the money to the Newtown school support fund instead of having it paid to the county.

Conley says the taxpayer he represents is satisfied his concerns have been addressed.

The $5,000 was paid by former Jackson Township basketball coach Scott Studer, 46,convicted of videotaping 112 boys in a locker room shower over a period of nearly eight years.

Forchione also sentenced Studer to 15 years in prison.

Studer admitted to this conduct at least 30 times each season, creating hundreds of recordings and a community full of hurt.

Studer coached at Jackson High School near Canton for more than two decades. He was arrested after investigators searched his home and found nude images on a DVD, a computer and a flash drive.