CLEVELAND -- Thursdays are normally basketball night at St. Aloysius, but just down the hall from the game this Thursday night is a group of faith leaders with their own game plan for keeping kids safe.

"That goal is to make sure our sons and daughters are not victims of gun violence."

These church leaders unveiled their plan to stop gun violence. Like others, they're calling for a ban on assault weapons, required background checks for all gun sales and a crackdown on all illegal firearms.

However, this plan includes reaching out to young people before they reach for a gun.

"Most of the kids today, they're not afraid of nothing," said Brother Malik.

Brother Malik works with troubled children between the ages of 7 and 18. He started the foundation called People Making the Change. When he talks with kids today, they're more concerned about hurt feelings than what a gun can do.

"They would rather be shot than be embarrassed," Malik said.

Brother Malik says all these plans to stop gun violence are fine, but times are different today. Listening could be the most powerful weapon in the fight against gun violence.

"The reason we need to be a good listener is we can't take them back to the woodshed and give them a good spanking," Malik said.

"Those days are over. You'll find yourself locked up in jail, but if you listen to what they're saying to us, we can find a way to teach them"