CLEVELAND -- An ordinance proposed by Cleveland City Council Monday nightwould ban minors from buying energy drinks within the city.

If passed, the emergency ordinance would not allow energy drinks to be sold to anyone under 18 and would remove them from certain vending machines.

The proposed ban would prohibit the sale of any "energy drink", canned or bottled, that contains any amount of caffeine exceeding or equal to 140 milligrams per 4 fluid ounce or larger container, or 80 milligrams per 0.8 fluid ounce to 3 fluid ounce container.

Certain vending machines would be exempt, including those inside factories, businesses, offices or any other place not open to the general public.

In the proposed ordinance, Councilman Ken Johnson cites the dangerous health effects energy drinks have on children and young adults.

The measure has yet to be voted on by city council.