ATLANTA -- It was 34 years ago that Lisa and Speed Young vowed to be faithful in sickness and in health.

"I thought I loved him before, but this has renewed that for me, the lengths that you go to for the person you love," Lisa says.

Lisa was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease decades ago. But just last year, her kidney function began dropping to less than 20 percent, making her a candidate for transplant.

Her husband was one of several family members and friends who wanted to be tested to be her donor.

"I think a peace came about when he started testing. It was almost like we knew that it as going to be that way, and when the call came, it was confirmation, it was an overwhelming feeling," says daughter Alex.

Turns out, Speed was a perfect match and an eager donor.

"This way, I can give her hope and an organ that might make her life a little better," Speed says.

"I felt some guilt, like he's gone through a lot already, and what he's about to go through, I just hate that, but he wouldn't have it any other way, and in the reverse, I would do the exact same thing," Lisa adds.

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