CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Police need your help finding this man.

He's suspected in the attempted kidnapping of one woman and may be responsible for another attack on a girl. 17.

This attempted abduction happened in a busy minimart parking lot at 117th Street and Wayland Avenue.

Police say the suspect is bold and the victims are random. If you know him, call police. It could save a life.

A simple trip to the corner store turned terrorizing for a single mother of two Tammy Kennedy.

"I thought about my kids and you're not going to take me away from my kids," Kennedy said.

Cleveland police released a surveillance photo of the suspect. He's described asblack, in his 30's, 6 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds. He was wearing a green quilted jacket and blue pants.

Security video obtained by Channel 3 shows the suspect pull up to store just before midnight in a grey van. He walks into the minimart and returns in less than a minute after buying a carton of cigarettes.

He sees Kennedy pull into the lot alone. The suspect watches Tammy walk inside, then backs up his vehicle. He parks next to hers and waits. Tammy returns with an armful of groceries.

As she puts them in the back seat,the suspect exits the van and grabs her arm.

"He said Shut up (expletive). I got a gun. Get in the car," Kennedy said.

Kennedy stalled. He repeats the demand.

A store regular sees the commotion and distracts the attacker long enough for Tammy to get away. The suspect then drives off in the van that has onlyone working taillight.

Tammy wasn't harmed but the close call has her looking around every corner. She's spending a lot of time with family now and when she does go out, it's never alone.

"I won't go out by myself. When my kids are in my car, I lock my doors," Kennedy said.

Police told Kennedy and the store owner a 17-year-old girl was raped while waiting for a bus at West Boulevard and Lorain Avenue not long after the attempted abduction

Thedescription of the attacker matches that of thissuspect and so does the vehicle he was driving, including the broken taillight.