MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio -- The school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut inspired one local woman to teach area schools how to deal with an active shooter inside ofa school.

The Sandy Hook tragedy has ignited reaction and discussions between everyone, from congressional leaders to school employees, as well as the general public.

Saturday, the lead instructor of a Krav Maga self-defense center in Middleburg Heights isn't waiting for controversial gun control legislation. She decided to act.

Sarah Fox, owner and lead instructor at Fight Fit, teaches an active shooter defense seminar.

After the Connecticut shooting,Fox asked her son what he and his school would have done in that same situation.

She was not happy with the answer.

That's because many schools around the country have a lockdown procedure where teachers lock the door, turn out the lights and get the kids into a corner. This procedure did not work very well when demonstrated with a simulated gunman in Fox's seminar. In fact, keeping the group in a corner was shown as a leading cause of more deaths in a shorter period of time.

Fox's active shooter defense seminar gave participating school employees a first-hand look at how to save lives.

She insists that barricading the door and finding objects to throw while swarming the gunman will lead to fewer shorts fired --and fewer deaths.

The class also taught those in attendance how to disarm and attack a potential intruder.

Despite the effectiveness of blocking entrances, throwing objects and swarming on a trespasser, Fox believes the best option is always getting out of the building as quickly as possible.