STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- As the Strongsville School Board and Strongsville Education Association (SEA) continue highly contentious negotiations to avoid a teacher strike, the quality of education for Strongsville students hangs in the balance.

The nearly 8-hour negotiation session ended with a last best offer from the board of education, according to SEA President Tracy Linscott.

The SEA will hold a general membership meeting Sunday at 5 p.m. to take a vote on whether or not to strike.

The SEA condemned the board's alleged decision to teach only certain core classes during the looming teachers' strike, union officials said Saturday.

That means art, physical education and countless elective courses would not be taught. Various school services like guidance counseling and language therapy would also fall by the wayside.

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The group says teachers on strike will not honor any grades issued by substitute teachers during the potential strike.

"The fact that the board president only considers core classes in math, science, social studies and English to be what he calls the "meat and potato" classes speaks volumes," said SEA spokesperson Christine Canning. "Either he doesn't know what actually goes on in his own schools, or he simply doesn't care. Either option is unacceptable for a school board president who claims to care about kids."

Channel 3 requests for a response from Board President David Frazee have not been answered. However, the board insists thatgrades earned during the strike will stand.