WARREN -- The Ohio Highway Patrol says that the vehicle involved in Sunday's fatal accident in which six Warren teens were killed wasreported stolen.

Troopers released the new details Monday afternoon indicating the vehicle's owner, Marquis Stephenson, filed a theft report on the vehicle with Warren City Police on March 11 at 12:02 p.m.

Stephenson told Warren Police that the vehicle was taken from North Feederle Road in Warren.

Authorities say the 1998 Honda Passport was inspected and there were no defects found that would have been a contributing factor in causing the vehicle to lose control.

After consulting with the Trumbull County Engineer, troopers sayit has been determined that thevehicle was traveling on Niles-Warren River Road, County Road 69, not Pine Street SE.

However, the first harmful event in the crash took place with the guardrail, which is within the city limits of Warren.

The OSHP says thecrash report will indicate that the crash occurred on Niles-Warren River Road since that was the road being traversed before losing control.

Niles-Warren River Road is a continuation of Pine Street in the City of Warren and is commonly referred to as Pine Street in this area.

It has been determined that none of the eight occupants were wearing safety belts.

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Toxicology, the speed of the vehicle and where the occupants were coming from and going to remains under investigation.