The world will begin to waitfor a new pope. The details -- right down to the new pontiff's clothing -- are in place. The new pope's vestments, robes, shirts, hats and shoes are laid out.

Tailors finished the completed sets of clothes so the pope can change as soon as he's elected.

We talk with Dr. Paul Murphy, the director of Catholic Studies at John Carroll University, about how they will choose a new pope.

The115 cardinals who will choose the next pope are at the Vaticanwhere they will stay until the selection is complete.

How long will this selection process take?The Vatican has taken serious precautions including using devices that disable internet connections, cell phones and the ability to pick up sounds with a long distance microphone. Why is this conclave process so secretive?

And some people arehaving fun with this: There's a "March Madness: Sweet Sistine" website. Is that OK to have fun with such a serious topic?