AKRON, Ohio-- Larry and Aaron Longstreth have always loved making movies.

Writer/Director Larry Longstreth said, "We started basically in my late teenage years, just playing around with the home video camera and goofing around in backyards."

His brother, producerAaron Longstreth, said, "Now we are on a whole new level with this production. Well over, when it is said and done, 350 people."

Their latest film is "The Murders of Brandywine Theater," is abouta small townloser who finds courage when his puppet, Moxxy, starts speaking up for him.

Filming in and showing off Ohio was always part of the plan.

Aaron said, "We love Akron. We love Route 8. We love the Kent Stage. We love downtown, the brick streets in Kent."

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Larry added, "This is where we grew up, man. So to bring all these people here is a big exciting thing. And they are loving it. These actors and actresses are just loving it."

Danielle Lozeau, who plays "Mindy," says "Everyone here is so nice. I mean I'm from LA so it's like... it's just a different vibe and I really like it out here."

Clevelanders are excited about the film industry and even Cleveland Browns' Josh Cribbs got into the action.

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And when the call for "extras" went out, hundreds showed up to support the production.

"We are shooting the films finale with, hopefully, a hundred or more extras in the audience. This is the end, this is where Henry finally has the courage to fight his darker half, the puppet," Larry said.

Another benefit the Longstreth brothers areproud of is working with a regional crew and longtime friends.

Aaron said "This crew here is the culmination of 10 years of the best of the best people we have worked with."

Larry added, "It's a blast, honestly. Some of these guys have been helping us since we were running around the backyard with home video cameras and here we are shooting this film with people I watch grew up watching in a movie theater. That means a lot to me."