KENT, Ohio-- This is how it starts this day. OK, it's Scene 13 take 1 and action!!

"Little man, what's going on?" says the neighborhood bully Brick, played by Cleveland Browns wide receiver and return specialist Josh Cribbs.

That's NFL superstar Josh Cribbs on location in Kent, acting in the film "The Murders of Brandywine Theater." He's a Kent State University graduate.

"I definitely wanted to be a part of the film because it's being shot in Kent. It's my old alma mater. I'm looking just to further increase my career in acting after football," he said.

Even though the project has been described as a horror film, adding Cribbs to the cast to add a little drama since the movie was only days away from production.

Writer/directorLarry Longstreth said, "I got an e-mail from Josh Cribbs' agent asking if Joss could be involved. And we were excited, I mean it's always exciting when people reach out to us like this but we were only a week or so away from shooting."

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Cribbs said"They said they would love to have me in it and one thing led to another and I'm here."

The role of Brick was written specifically for Cribbs.

Larry Longstreth said, "He is the bully, Josh is the bully."

Cribbs looks atpuppeteer Henry Kosta and asks "Little man, is that your doll?"

Cribbs? A bully?

"Everyone in this town, in this world that we created, gives our main character, our protagonist, Henry Kosta (trouble)," Longstreth said.

The actor who plays Kosta said, "And he was great. He's a really cool guy. He's obviously an amazing football player but he's great as an actor too. He's got very natural talent, very natural timing."

But will Cribbs get "erased"? You'll have to wait for the film to come out.

"Having a significant role in the movie is big, especially not playing myself for once. It's good that I have a chance to step outside the box a little and be a different character," Cribbs said.