CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Safety Director says Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed received special treatment while in Cleveland City Jail.

In a release from City Hall, Flask said "the preliminary investigation into the actions of a jail supervisor confirms that the supervisor did provide treatment outside of protocol for Councilman Zack Reed...whether that conduct rises to the level of an administrative hearing and disciplinary action is under review by Commissioner David Carroll."

City Hall identifies the supervisor as Lt. Elizabeth Hester.

"The Jail Supervisor reportedly allowed Councilman Reed access to an administrative office to use a city telephone and allowed the councilman to remove and use his (Reed's) personal cellular phone."

Reed, 51, was pulled over by police shortly before 2 a.m. last Tuesday near East Ninth Street and Rockwell Avenue on suspicion of drunken driving. He was arrested and charged and spent the night in the Cleveland City Jail.

If necessary, a hearing will be held next week.