CHARDON -- Shortly after his sentencing hearing, #tjlane became the nation's top trending item on Twitter with #chardon at number three.

Meanwhile, #tjlane was even trending globally.

From his "KILLER" T-shirt to the smile on his face,our Facebook andTwitter pages have been filled with hundreds upon hundredsof comments as viewers offer their thoughts on T.J. Lane's behavior and punishment during his sentencing hearing.

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Before a judge punished Lane with three life sentences without the possibility of parole, Lane said the "F" word and flipped the courtroom off before smiling and smirking as victims' relatives addressed him.

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As you would expect, the entire hearing generated lots of discussion on social media. Here's a small sampling of what our viewers had to say.

From the WKYC Facebook page:

- Laura: Should have gotten the Death Sentence!!!!!!!

- Luke: just use the chair. end of discussion.

- Diann: Honestly, it's a waste of money. A bullet would be cheaper for the tax payers.

- Diane: Good. He deserve it. I hope he rotts in Hell.

- Matt: Justice served.

- Tiffany: Should have a public hangin'

- Jack: He should die. Tomorrow. A lot cheaper.

- Kristen: Put him in a cell with BUBBA!

- Tabatha: Put him to death.. he is obviously showing no remorse what so ever!!!

- Orlando: No you guys are lookin at this all wrong, I'm glad he's gonna get life now he will spend his days in prison being someone's bitch for the rest of his life. Just what he deserves to live in torment for the rest of his life.

- Emily: Just sad. No winners. Prayers for all the families.

- Tj: It's inevitable that some bleeding heart will feel sorry for him and lead a crusade... I say string him up!

- Gayle: why does he get to live and us to pay for him to live when the kids he killed never had a chance i really think someone should just turn his ass loose among the kids and let them make him feel what the victims felt and let him beg for his life as he loses his i have no pity for him

- Jeff: they shouldnt of let him wear that shirt , but I geuss its not against the law

- Justin: Why in the hell are we, tax payers, happy about this? Now he gets 3 hot meals, a shower, a bed, education. And for what? Why waste the money? Sentence him to death and lets move on.

- Crystal: After the antics and lack of remorse he displayed during his sentencing, I would say that he deserved the death penalty, but on second thought, that little weasel won't stand a chance in prison. Let's see how far he gets with his cowardly show and defiant smirks there.

- Christina: Awesome more scum we tax dollars have to pay to house and feed!

From the WKYC Twitter page:

- Bailey: shoulda sentenced him to death. I think for people like him there should be a special exception.

- Mitch: death would have been to easy. Let him rot in prison for the rest of his life.

- Jarrod: I believe he deserves to be in jail. he showed no respect to the families and courtroom. He is a cold blooded killer. End of story

- Chuck: he is obviously a sociopath. The inmates will rip him apart when he gets in. Appalling behavior.

- Suzanne: His behavior is appalling but he won't be smirking so much when he's in prison. His cellmates will see to that.

- Andrew: he got what he deserved


What are your thoughts? You can join the discussion by leaving a comment in the section below, posting an opinion on the WKYC Facebook pageor sending us a tweet via WKYC's Twitter.


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