CHARDON -- As relatives of those killed at Chardon High School addressed the court, admitted gunman T.J. Lane stared with a smirk on his face.

Many of the sentiments directed at Lane were words expressing their anger and outrage for his actions at the school on Feb. 27, 2012.

Daniel Parmertor's mother called Lane a "vile coward"and wished him a slow, painful death. She added that he's a "pathetic excuse for a human being" and hopes he suffers for the rest of his life -- just as she has to suffer without her son.

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Russell King Jr.'s sister stood at the podium and labeled Lane as an "evil, disgusting animal."

Holly Walczak told Lane that she hates him and said he was lucky she was reading her statement because she otherwise would have been staring him down. She also told Lane he should be happy there were so many cops present.

After all of the statements were made, the judge sentenced Lane -- who was wearing a white T-shirt with "KILLER" written on the front -- to three life sentences without the possibility of parole.

PHOTOS -- TJ Lane's sentencing hearing:

When he first entered the courtroom for the sentencing hearing, Lane unbuttoned his long-sleeved, blue dress shirt to reveal a white T-shirt with "KILLER" written in large, black letters on the front. At one point, Lane said the "F" word and flipped off the courtroom.


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