A 26-second video responding to the Steubenville rape case has gone viral.

The short video, which is titled "A Needed Response," was posted to YouTube on March 22 by Samantha Stendal declaring the clip is "To the Steubenville rapists...or any rapists out there."

(Watch the video at the bottom of this story)

Within five days, the video has generated nearly 1.5 million views with more than 4,700 comments.

It features a young man talking directly to the camera with a girl acting as if she had passed out on the couch behind him.

"Hey, bros. Check who passed out on the couch," Thefeatured fellowsays. "Guess what I'm gonna do to her?"

The video suddenly cuts away as he rests the girl's head under a pillow, covers her up with a blanket and places a glass of water on an end table.

"Real men treat women with respect," he says directly to the camera before the video goes dark.

NBC Newssays Stendal, 19, a University of Oregon film student, directed the video because she was frustrated with the media's coverage of the case.

Earlier this month,two Steubenville teens were convicted of charges connected to the rape of a 16-year-old girl and placed in custody for at least one year.