As the same-sex marriage debate continues in the United States Supreme Court, social media has been a platform many people are using to express their feelings on the hot-button issue.

On Tuesday, a bold red image with an equal sign in the middle began taking over Facebook profiles of those who support marriage equality.


Here is a small sampling of what our viewers have been saying on the WKYC Facebook page:

- MaryAnn: There should be equality for all.

- Bryan: Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman. The Supreme Court shouldn't redefine Marriage over the will of the people. Now watch the hateful comments of the "progressives" to begin.

- Linda: I will not be changing mine (Facebook image). I don't believe in same sex marriage.

- Kevin: The people protesting gay marriage will look as ridiculous in 60 years as white supremacists protesting equal rights 60 years ago

- Isobel: Marriage = two people in love with each other. Simple.

- Tina: I support it, I just don't want to change my pic

- Kevin: To those of you opposing gay marriage: why? There is honestly no valid reason to oppose. If you're disgusted by it, then you need to grow up. If you don't like it, then don't get one. If its because the bible then you should also know that the bible says rape constitutes marriage and that if a man loses his unit then he may not enter heaven. Stop cherry picking from the book of lies and form your own opinions. The bible has no influence in the court of law, there's this thing called seperation of church and state.

- Jamie: Not for or against it. It does not directly effect me. To each their own.. We have bigger things in our country to worry about then who wants to marry who. Thats the problem with it.

- Linda: Is nothing sacred anymore, morals are not even in the vocabulary anymore. And I have as much right to my option as anyone else,

- Sean: God created ADAM AND EVE, not ADAM AND STEVE, If you choose to marry the same sex you are sinful

- Jill: A friend of mine said it right! "I think everyone has the right to be miserable!!"! I love my gays!!

- Christopher: Deuteronomy 22:13-21 says "a marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed." Should we do this too? Or do we get to pick and chose what part of your bible to live by?

- Michael: The Bible isn't secular. Marriage is not purely a religious instrument (one can for example go to a Justice of the Peace or to a ship's Captain). If it were, then giving tax breaks/incentives to married couples would be unconstitutional as it would violate the First Amendment by giving something only to a subset of people based on their beliefs. We're talking about equality under the eyes of the law. Inheritance, shared healthcare, normal spousal access to information and decision making. Why is anyone threatened by that? It affects you negatively how, exactly?

- Jessica: I am a straight Ally!! I support the right to marry the one we love!!

- Erica: How many of you Bible thumpers are divorced? Y'all some hypocrites

- Rebecca: Sorry folks, I support what the bible says and marriage is to be between one man and one woman. I am one person you won't see using this as my profile picture. I am also sick and tired of all this "alternate lifestyle" crap being shoved down the public's throat, it is morally WRONG folks and I refuse to accept it as the "new normal"

- Debbie: Luke 16:18 "Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery. How many of you have committed one of the "top 10" sins but are judging others as sinners? Maybe we should work on this divorce thing a little more. By the way . . I've been married once . . . 42 years.

- L James: A marriage is between a man and woman but Civil Union can be between two same sex partners and then what about a man and multiple wives. This will open up a hole new can of worms.

- Jennifer: The Bible also says that divorce is wrong and against God and if you get one you are never to marry again. Divorce and re-marrying are whats the differnce?? I'm a Christian and I'm straight by the way....

- Michael: equality of marriage,let see,if you allow same sex marriage and agree with it then a person cannot condemn any type of marriage,whether it be sister and brother,father and daughter,brother and brother,mother and son,,i mean really where does it stop,allow same sex marriage you have to allow all types of marriage and how many?get real people

- Zach: I know what the bible says, too. So if I find any of you eating shellfish or working on Sunday, I will hunt you down and kill you.

- Shane: Completely un-natural. What's next marriage to other species?

- Brittany: I do not support gay marriage. I think it is wrong to force preachers and ministers to marry gay couples since their religious beliefs go against it.

- Chrissy: Lol is this seriously still a debate in the freaking 21st century??? Who are all of these backwoods, small minded people? Of course individuals are entitled to their own opinions, and clearly some of the more ignorant voices are showing that. But who DOESN'T want all people created equal? Who wants to live in a world where we can pick and choose who gets certain rights? Should we then take away blacks' rights to vote? How about dare we be able to function outside of the kitchen and have the right to vote as well? Right? I mean because you can just choose who is equal and who isn't worthy of equality. The Bible says a lot of things that aren't followed today. But if you believe in your God then you should think him much more kind than to deny someone into heaven or into marriage because of the way HE made them. Cya.

- Todd: Just read the bible.

- Tracy: Why is this even an issue? The bible also says "thou shall not judge", but it seems like all the haters are judging. Who cares who marries who.....does it pact your life? Obviously with the divorce rate in America they way I is.....I say let gay couples marry....they may help the curve!!! Equality people.....Equality!

- Minnie: why are people always considered ignorant if they dont agree with your viewpoint. the ignorant are those who term others ignorant

- Sharon: follow God's law...not man's

- Dean: This is going to be the down fall of America!!! Read the BIBLE people, please. Its a sin! Just not right, those people are going to hell.

- Marc: If the government would have never gotten involved in marriage in the first place then this wouldn't be an issue. They ruin everything.

- Angela: Most of us have at least one gay person in our family. God loves everyone!!! Don't judge!! Marriage is about love between two people. It's time for acceptance and understanding!!! Those of you in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You are contradicting the bible.

- Stan: who cares about gay marriage!!! this country has other problems. have your civil unions, but sorry it will not be called marriage

- Judy: Equality for all. End discrimination. Marriage is about love, not gender. This world could certainly use more love and less hate. Live and let live.

-Erik: It's a question of money not of love. The religious aspect is based on belief. Believe what you want, just dont flaunt it in my face. It's a legal contract between a man and a woman. To afford it to a same sex couple will greatly will give those who may be uninsured access to benefits. This will cause employer premiums to. Increase somewhat. It will also give the couple other breaks singles don't receive.

- David: No one is being "harmed" when a brother and sister 'marry', or a man 'marries' 10 women, or a man 'marries' his goat, or a woman 'marries' her dog... So why not legalize ALL of them while we're at it?


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