NORTHEAST OHIO -- For years, we've heard of industries leaving Northeast Ohio and manufacturing jobs being shipped overseas.

But now, companies across the country are seeing the benefit of expanding here. And one organization is making sure those companies "See the Possible" in our region.

Selas Heat Technology is an industrial burner company growing by the day.

"We were expanding. We've acquired several companies and we were looking to really consolidate our North American operations," says Vice PresidentLou Mazzoli.

With companies all over,Mazzoli says they needed to pick one location.

"After reviewing property, the incentive packages from the different states, we decided to relocate our operations here to Ohio."

With a lot of persuasion from a certain group in Cleveland, Mazzoli's company was one of 15 who decided to expand in Northeast Ohio last year.

"Over 1,000 jobs associated with these 15 companies and they are quite an array, different industries," says Tom Waltermire with Team NEO.

His job is to attract companies like Selas. He heads up Team NEO who, since 2007, has helped attract 67 companies to our region and create just under 6,000 new jobs.

"People who have been residents of the area for a long time still remember "best location in the nation." And the number one thing we sell is our location," says Waltermire.

This is no mistake on the lake. Our region is a short drive to customers in all the major mid-west cities, east coast and also the expanding Canadian market.

"We also have a large and reasonably well-skilled workforce. We'd like for the skills to continue to go up but, nationally, we are very competitive from a skills standpoint," says Waltermire.

But we're not the only city with low cost of living and convenient location. Waltermire says Cleveland is constantly competing with other midwest cities after the same companies.

Team NEOis hoping for another year like 2012. The track record they've established will help them show interested companies, there are a lot of possibilities here in our region.