Marine Corporal Derek Dunning has been home from Afghanistan for 10 months and he left some of the worst conditions behind.

But after getting a hero's welcome home, Derek says life hasn't gotten much better here.He's been unemployed for most of it and he's not alone.

The unemployment rate is 7.7 percent, but for veterans, it's closer to 10 percent. And in Derek's age group of 18-24, it's over 20 percent.

While in Afghanistan, Corporal Dunning was in charge of up to 30 men at a time, some of the most dangerous missions surrounded by enemy fire and explosives.

And yet due to the job situation here, he says he's having a tougher time taking care of his family. So much, that he wishes he could go back to the Marines.

Dunning says he can't go back because even the Marines are cutting back on their numbers.Both his brother and mom, both veterans, are also looking for work.

There is help, though. A Hiring Our Heroes job fair is Thursday in Akronfrom 9 a.m. until noonat the St. Joseph Family Center at 610 West Exchange Street and is free for veterans.