Candace Klein might not look like a bad girl, but she is. And she's helping other women discover just how bad they are, and how to get exactly what they want.

"We've had everyone from caterers to florists, retailers and restaurateurs, food truck type businesses," said Klein.

Candace is the CEO and founder of Bad Girl Ventures, a non-profit that helps launch and fund women-owned businesses. It starts with a nine week business development course.

"No big surprise, everybody wants to know where the money is, right?" said teacher Tim McCarthy.

Each class is taught by successful business owners. In each class, BGV provides direct financing up to 25,000 dollars for a select few of those women. It's intense, and there's homework. But Candace believes it arms these women with the perfect package.

"So by the time these women have graduated, they've completed a business plan, marketing plan, loan application. It's nicely packaged with a hot pink bow to walk into any bank and get a loan" said Klein.

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