STRONGSVILLE -- Striking teachers in Strongsville going on the offensive over what they claim is the real cost of the strike.

The teachers have been walking the picket lines for the past four weeks. Talks between the two sides broke down Tuesday after nearly 12 hours of negotiations.

The teachers union released new numbers today that they say comes from a public records request. They say the numbers show what the district is paying Huffmaster, the company providing the replacement subs and security for the district.

The numbers show over $338,000 for security officers, over $75,000 for several videographers to document striking teachers, $90,000 for van drivers to provide transportation to replacement subs, $183,000 for lodging for subs, $25,000 to pay gas, mileage, and tolls for replacements.

And payroll costs of over a half million dollars.

For atotal price tag of $1.8 million.

The union also claims they have documentation that substitute teachers are being flown in from all over the country, costing the district another $50,000 in airline fees.

The union says the money is only part of the picture.

WKYC reached out to the district for a response and reaction to the claims but theyhave not returned our calls.