CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland International Film Festival is not just one night at the movies, but a collection of international, even local works, that could bring box office bucks to Cleveland.

"The energy is building in Cleveland," said Laurie Lindbloom, a post-production producer.

There's more than 340 films, all in 12 days.

It's the 37thCleveland International FilmFestival, but it could be the biggest moneymaker yet.

"I think this city is poised to invite a new industry into town," said Tyler Davidson, a producer for the night's big showing Cleveland produced and filmed The Kings of Summer.

"I've never done anything like this, so it's fun to be downtown and see all these people," said Cali Jacobs of Rocky River.

The shows fill all Tower City Cinemas screens, for a $4.4 million impact last year, a big boost for the local economy.

"Cleveland are going to come back and support us again," said Patrick Shepherd, the assistant director of CIFF.

"I think it's huge for the city. I think it plays on everybody's enthusiasm for the wonderful things that are happening Cleveland downtown, and I think it brings people in from the suburbs," said Andrea Wedren.

Others say the fest is best for those who love film.

"I love this city. I'm from here, I grew up here, I live here now. I've lived in other places, but there's nothing like Cleveland," said Davidson.

"[The film scene] was always here. But it wasn't popular so it's really exciting to see that the Avengers was shot here, and now Marvel is bring back Winter Solider here," said Courtney Luczywo, of Antythesis Films, who was born and raised in Cleveland.

It adds a little Hollywood glamour to the North Coast.

"I think that it makes Cleveland a little sexier," said Wedren.